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Me and Brian in Alex
Me and Maire from Holland
Me and Patric from France
Me and Patric, from France

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Welcome to your website, Arabic courses online.

Why learning Arabic online?

Now if you want to learn a language you don't have to travel to the country of the natives to learn from them, you don't have to pay for tickets or to look for a place to stay in, or to save money for your visit, you don't have to travel to a teacher and wasting time and money or to wait for him to come to your house, now you can learn online with one of the natives, at your home, at your own room, in a relaxing environment, and you can make learning languages one of your daily activities, and this is why i like learning and teaching online, and i really see the future in it.

Why Arabic?

First if you speak Arabic then you can speak any other language, because in Arabic you use all the points of articulation in your mouth and your throat, so after a while you won’t find any difficulties with learning Russian, Chinese or German, one of my students used to say to me: “if I learn Arabic I can learn any language in the world.

Second thing, you can use Arabic in business, because this language is one of the critical and important languages now, such as Chinese and Russian, so if you speak Arabic you can get a job in the Middle East or in the Gulf because “ Arabic is the official language of 22 countries, spoken by more than 295 million people”.  And I had many students from the USA and they just wanted to learn Arabic in order to get a job in the

 State Department.

Also, Arabic is one of the oldest languages, and it’s a mother of many language too.

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